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DH Productions offers a wide array of filmmaking and animation services which result in the creation of high-quality video content. We enable companies and audiences to connect with one another through the medium of film.


DH Productions offers a wide array of filmmaking and animation services that result in the creation of high-quality video content. We enable companies to connect with their target audience, allow memories of events to be shared, and promote places and products to people around the world. Through storytelling and cinematography, we form compelling images that capture the hearts and minds of the viewers, that express a message that needs to be spoken, or open an audience’s eyes to something they have never witnessed before. We have a clear production process that ensures our customers’ goals and expectations are met, and the result is something they can be proud of. We are also able to advise on or facilitate content distribution through our experience with social media marketing.


Video Production

A focus on quality is key to creating any successful product, and at DH Productions we are passionate about providing our customers with excellent cinematography, using professional equipment in innovative ways. Our aim is to create outstanding digital media, that really engages with the viewer. From pre-production and planning, camera work and post-production, DH Productions has a wealth of skills and experience in creating videos. Film-making is a fantastic form of visual storytelling, one that is incredibly powerful in marketing. We want your video to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Find out what we can offer you today.

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Aerial Cinematography

Drones enable us to see the world from a completely different perspective, providing a new and exciting scope to any video. Witness an event from above, or captivate an audience with incredible aerial shots of landscapes and landmarks; aerial filming will always impress. At DH Productions, aerial footage is used to enhance the client’s video, complementing ground film work to develop the storyline. The aerial video needs to tell a story in itself, whether it’s an exciting reveal of the subject, a close encounter with something at speed, or a shot that would not be possible any other way. DH Productions is commercially qualified in drone piloting by the CAA, and we operate safely and professionally, while also getting the stunning footage that will elevate your video. Stand out from the crowd in your industry.

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Animation can be a time-consuming and complex process. It is one that requires extreme attention to detail in order to be successful. Timing is crucial within any animation sequence; achieved poorly and your audience will be left unimpressed by the visual experience. It’s why at DH Productions, we put a lot of focus into both the design and development of an animation. We find a solution that best aligns with your business and it’s branding. We ensure that your animation is a well-crafted and refined product, one that you and your business can be proud of.

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